Bret Gower

MDINZ, Dip. Graphic Design
Founder/Creative Director

Responsible for creative direction of the agency, Bret has over 30 years experience designing wide-ranging communications programmes for both the corporate and public sectors. He has developed brand and corporate communications programmes for the likes of Air New Zealand, Vodafone and Vector – and brings a customer-oriented branding approach to all of the agency’s output.

Bret continues to provide design services to existing clients but since 2014 has retrained as a lawyer specialising in tax and intellectual property law. You can read more about his areas of specialist legal interest on his personal website bretgower.com, and about Smith and Partners the mid-sized law firm he now practices at in West Auckland.

bret@aviso.co.nz  |  021 941989  |  +64 9 920 3333